• Coming from Milan by motorway, where do I go?

A. The most convenient exit is Recco


  • What to set on the browser?

R. Ruta di Camogli, Via Molfino


  • How do parking and related restrictions work?

R. Currently on weekdays you can park where it is up to the church, while on holidays and pre-holidays

the car must be left before the barrier at the entrance to San Rocco (not where there are yellow lines) or in the

large parking fee or where possible along the road where you do not pay


  • Is it possible to get close to unload the luggage and then take a car to a permitted area?

A. Yes, say you are guests of the BBQ Lodge


  • From the structure you can go to Camogli on foot?

R. From the structure there is a walkway with steps that in 15/20 minutes leads to Camogli. The path is

lighted. The descent is easier; the return will obviously be uphill and the judgment is subjective if tiring or



  • How much is parking?

R. Parking costs € xxx per day


  • How long do I have to walk from the car park to the hotel?

R. If you arrive by car at the BBQ Lodge you will have to arrive in San Rocco and park in the large parking lot at the beginning

of the country, which is about 500 meters from us. After parking the car, you will need to get to the Church of San

Rocco (8/10 minutes) and follow for Camogli, as indicated by signs. The road that will lead you to the BBQ Lodge is the

downhill tourist pedestrian path, inside the Portofino Park.

The route lasts on average 3 ‘(200 mt).


  • Is it possible to leave luggage before Check-in?

R. Yes